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Champion Juicer


Good Day Sacramento Segments 2/6/2014

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Champion Juicer is the best juicer for serious juicers.  Its high power, durable 1/3 HP motor, steel shaft, and masticating auger allow this top juicer to make quick work of even the toughest vegetables.

It also gets a vote for best juicer for novices; with minimal working parts, assembly and cleaning is quick and easy.  Our juicer recipes and juicing hints create unlimited options for juicing fruits, vegetables and almost any produce for a healthier lifestyle.


The US-made Champion Juicer was listed on’s “Buy it for Life” thread and in “101 Things to Buy before You Die” (Red Rock Press, NY).  Read more on juicer reviews on our Comparing Juicers page.

Replacement parts are readily available on our parts page allowing customers who inherit a Champion Juicer or find one at a garage sale to refurbish most juicers and keep juicing!

Champion Juicer
The Gold Standard in juicing since 1955.